Scioto Energy is one of the leading energy brokerage and consulting firms in the Midwest.

Company Overview

Founded in 2008, Scioto Energy was one of the first electric brokerage firms to enter the Ohio market. The managing partners are seasoned energy professionals with over 30 years of experience in both energy trading and energy retail marketing. Their expertise prompted several wholesale suppliers to recognize Scioto Energy as one of the leading energy brokerage and consulting firms in the Midwest.

The partners have been actively involved in the deregulation of electricity throughout the country, providing testimonies for numerous state utility commissions on rate structures. They frequently accept speaking engagements from various associations and energy conferences. This expertise has led wholesale suppliers, energy law firms, and sophisticated manufacturers to seek their consulting services.

Scioto Energy's mission is to work for our customers to monetize energy market opportunities. We do this by keeping our services strictly independent from all energy suppliers in order to serve our clients’ best interests. Scioto Energy has the same goal as our customers, to find the best supplier to extract the maximum value of an opportunity. Our holistic approach to energy management provides our clients confidence that they are receiving the greatest value for their energy program.

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