Customer Reviews

A variety of customers have provided positive feedback regarding their experience with Scioto Energy.

"Wonder how many people just paid their bill and did not have someone like you to fight for us. Thank you."
   Teresa Gray
   Lane Aviation Corporation

"Having access to Scioto Energy's vast utility insight and market knowledge along with their passion for meeting customer timelines and demands gives the resource I need to grow my business while having an edge on the competition."
   Darrell Bragg, Owner
   RD Energy

"Scioto Energy is a team of true professionals whose energy experience and knowledge is unsurpassed."
   Spence Faxon, President
   Energy Alliances

"Lowering our electric rates through Scioto Energy was an easy decision for our small business. The program was simple and allowed us to reduce our electric costs by 20%."
   Steve Schwarts, Owner
   Columbus Sports Connection

"Locking into a fixed rate has allowed our school to budget more effectively. Signing a contract with Scioto Energy was easy and the savings are significant."
   Diane Sater, CEO
   American Institute of Alternative Medicine

Testimonial PDF Documents

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City of Marysville Testimonial

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City of Wellston Testimonial

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City of Worthington Testimonial