Scioto Energy provides Electric Demand Response Services to help clients manage costs

Demand Response

Demand response is a great way to monetize the operational flexibility of your facility. If you can reduce electric consumption at times when the transmission grid is struggling to keep up with demand then there is a financial benefit available to you. The value of this benefit is dependent upon facility location and the volume of load able to participate in the program.

Similar to electricity procurement, there are a variety of options available to you including providers, metering technology and contract terms and conditions. Scioto Energy’s demand response experience will help guide you through the process and ensure the most economic benefit with the lowest amount of interruption to your operations.

What makes a good demand response candidate?

  • Onsite back-up generation
  • Ability to isolate non-essential energy consumption such as lighting and cooling
  • Multi-site footprint with centralized building management system
  • Sizeable monthly electricity use