Scioto Energy provides a variety of services including Electric Procurement, Tariff and Budget Analysis, Demand Response, Consulting and more.

Our Services

Electric Procurement

Understanding when and how to buy electricity is critical in managing your costs and risk over time. Scioto Energy will provide you with access to all wholesale suppliers and help you develop a strategy to ensure your goals are met.

Natural Gas Procurement

Scioto Energy maintains one of the largest groups of natural gas suppliers available in the market today. This high level of supplier participation will ensure you receive the most competitive rates available. We will let you know when opportunities are near so that you can lock in rates with confidence.

Demand Response

Working with your facility management team, Scioto Energy will evaluate the benefits of demand response for your operation. We will guide you through the process to select the best provider to fit your needs and monitor the performance of the program to ensure all expected revenue is achieved.

PLC Management

Just five hours each year determine 30% of your electric costs. By managing your consumption during these hours (Peak Load Contribution) you can potentially eliminate these costs. We will provide notifications when these hours are likely to occur, giving you the opportunity to lower these costs.

Energy Rebates and Incentives

Significant monies are available through state programs, federal programs and local utilities for projects impacting energy consumption. Scioto Energy will capture the maximum value available that can pay up to 75% of your project’s cost.

Tariff and Budget Analysis

Our in-house models will quantify your projected cost savings from our procurement process, track the performance of the program, and allow you to budget your electric costs with certainty. We monitor utility tariffs and quantify any changes that impact your budget.

Consulting Services

Let the energy expertise of Scioto Energy help you with your most complex energy problems. We are your in-house energy professionals and can help you with your needs for specific energy projects, large or small.