Our Mission & Values

As independent industry experts, our aim is to deliver holistic solutions that bring clients more resources to make more confident decisions about their energy programs that result in more economic value.


Personalized Service

We work alongside clients to align commodity procurement with business objectives to deliver holistic solutions that effectively manage energy costs and risks.


Working independently allows us to build the most suitable solutions, each tailored specifically to the client's business interests, risk tolerance and budget.

Sharing Expertise

We empower clients with market insights and utility knowledge to confidently manage energy strategies.

Tracking Progress

Through a range of databases, we track our progress and benchmark performance to ensure that we constantly deliver value-driven client experiences.

Our History

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Scioto Energy was founded in 2008 in Columbus as one of the first electric brokerage firms to enter the Ohio market. 

A lot has changed in the industry since the company’s inception.  Under the leadership of managing partners Greg Bechert and Susanne Buckley, Scioto Energy has remained focused on driving value through holistic energy solutions.  

Today, the company is widely known as one of the leading energy brokerage and consulting firms in the Midwest.  Its leaders have played an active role in promoting the value of deregulation throughout the country and have been integral in defining and driving a unified voice for brokers in Ohio.  

Their work – combined with the broad-based experience of in-house energy experts at Scioto Energy – has led retail energy suppliers, energy law firms, hospitals, universities, manufacturers and other commercial and industrial organizations to seek the company’s consulting services.  

Our Managing Partners


Greg Bechert

Greg is an industry veteran who has devoted his career to supporting deregulation and ensuring competitiveness in the Ohio energy markets. 

His background in the industry began in 1995, marketing natural gas and electricity to the Midwest and Northeastern United States with Enron Capital and Trade Resources.  In 2002, he joined Constellation NewEnergy, where he directed power sales efforts for the Great Lakes region, including Ohio, Michigan and Illinois. 

With a broad background and significant expertise in wholesale markets, he founded Scioto Energy in 2008 and – together with Susanne Buckley – uniquely positioned the company as a trusted resource for natural gas and electric supply.  He later became a founding member of Energy Professionals of Ohio and eventually served as its chairman, overseeing the group’s initiatives to ensure competitive market practices and policies while bringing a unified voice to the broker community.

Over the last decade, Greg has helped lead Scioto Energy to the forefront of Ohio brokerage firms, building long-lasting client relationships with innovative product offerings, proprietary tools, first-class service, and extensive market knowledge.


Susanne Buckley

Susanne, who has championed deregulation in Ohio for more than two decades, is widely regarded as an expert in the energy markets with extensive data-driven insights and transactional knowledge. 

She joined Scioto Energy in 2009 as Managing Partner, bringing broad experience in wholesale energy operations, trading, electricity deal structuring and energy marketing.  Over the years, Susanne has played an integral role in helping the company keep pace with–and stay a step ahead of–the rapid changes happening in today’s sector.  She has led a wide range of initiatives to optimize customer value while broadening capabilities for delivering low-cost energy solutions.   Today, she provides leadership in energy market fundamentals, client support, data analysis and supplier relations.

Susanne is also a founding member of the Energy Professionals of Ohio.  She is actively involved in the organization’s activities to protect the legislative interests of the broker community, strengthen the broker/supplier relationship, and ensure the Ohio market remains fair for suppliers, brokers and clients.