Electricity & Natural Gas Procurement

When up to 70% of your total electric bill consists of generation rates that frequently change, it's critical to lock in those rates at the right time.  In the same way, coordinating natural gas purchases with the market is crucial to cost savings.

Regardless of your requirements, we will partner with you to create and implement a purchasing plan specific to your business to manage energy costs and risks over time.   With our expertise, we'll help your company develop a strategy for taking advantage of market opportunities while reducing risks during periods of volatility.

Our Suppliers

As one of the largest and most highly regarded energy brokerage firms in the Midwest, we take great pride in our expansive portfolio of electricity and natural gas suppliers as well as curtailment service providers.  This translates into broader value for our clients as companies compete for your business with competitive rates, comprehensive offers and exclusive products and services.

Our supplier network includes some of the most respected brands in the industry.

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Demand Response

There are times when the transmission grid struggles to meet market demand.  If your facilities are flexible enough to reduce electric consumption during these periods, then you may find economic value in demand response.

Let our energy experts guide your facility management team through the transition by aligning your business strategy with curtailment services, such as metering technology, cloud-based load management systems, and flexibility within contract terms and conditions.  By getting to know your organization, we can develop a solution that delivers the most economic benefit with the least interruption to your operations.

Demand response may be an economic option if your facility has:

  • Onsite Back-up Generation

  • The ability to isolate non-essential energy consumption, such as lighting and cooling

  • Multi-site footprints with a centralized building management system

  • Sizable Electricity Use


Tariff & Budget Analysis

Using proprietary models, we help clients budget costs with certainty by quantifying savings from our procurement process, tracking regulated expenses paid to the utility for distribution, and monitoring performance post-implementation.

Through analysis, we give you the total value proposition before making any procurement decisions.  Once you move forward with one of our suppliers, we'll monitor the performance of your electric contract compared to our projections to ensure costs align with expectations.

The benefits of analysis include:

  • Electric and gas budget development, including local utility distribution charges

  • Quantified savings from avoided costs

  • Performance Monitoring

  • Actual rate to projected rate comparison

  • Active monitoring of utility rate cases and their impact on your bottom line

  • Sensitivity analysis around consumption

  • Utility Rate Projections

  • Proactive communication of market changes

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Peak Load Management

Just five hours of consumption during the summer can set your capacity costs for an entire delivery year.  Your consumption during these five hours is called your Peak Load Contribution (PLC) and can drive as much as 30% of total electric costs.

To help avoid rate increases, we send an alert notifying you that a peak event is likely to occur within the next 24 to 48 hours.  This gives you the insight-and-time-you need to evaluate operations and take action to reduce consumption.  Cutting usage during these critical hours could significantly reduce costs for the next delivery year.

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Rebate & Incentive Optimization

Significant rebates and incentives – in some cases, up to 75% of a project's cost – are available through federal programs, state programs and local utilities when projects impact energy consumption.

Let our engineers calculate the rebate value of your next efficiency initiative and identify opportunities to tailor custom rebates on projects that may not fit the standard criteria. Whether you are building a new facility, expanding plant equipment, increasing production, or making general improvements, we can help you value your project and find the dollars you need to keep costs down.

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Ongoing Energy Consultation

Many of our clients view us as their in-house energy experts who advise on all energy-related matters.  We provide consulting services not only to our clients, but also to electric suppliers, law firms, manufacturing associations, universities, and industrial companies.

Let our consultants advise you on:

  • Budget Impact Calculations

  • Development of company energy strategy and mission

  • Optimal Energy Data Management

  • Utility interconnection for distributed generation

  • Electric metering technology

  • Evaluation of renewable energy development

  • Pending Rate Case Impacts

  • Co-generation feasibility

  • Connection of distributed generation to the grid

  • Rate analysis and evolution for customers within municipalities and utility co-operatives